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Miscellaneous Internet Utilities

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Internet Utilities


Internet Utilities

The Internet is an excellent source of information, knowledge and resources, however adult or mature oriented material can be found on it. Setting up Microsoft Explorer to control the types of content that you will allow to be downloaded from the Internet is possible.

You will find below the step to adjust the set up of the Content Advisor for Microsoft Explorer 3.02.

Microsoft Explorer setup
  • 1 Click  on View and then Options.

The Internet properties window will then open.

  • 2 Click the Security tab, and then click Enable Ratings.

If the Enable Ratings button is not visible, then click Properties.

  • 3 If a supervisor password has not already been set up for your computer, Windows prompts you to create one. If one has been set up, Windows prompts you to type it.

  • 4 On the Ratings tab, click a category in the list, and then adjust the Rating slider to set the limits you want to use. Repeat this process for each category you want to limit.


  • You might want to write down your supervisor password somewhere, because you will need to type it any time you change the Content Advisor settings.

  • Not all Web pages are rated. To allow people to look at Web pages that are not rated, click the General tab, and then select the following check box: Users Can See Sites Which Have No Rating.

  • If you want to allow some people to look at Web pages that are forbidden according to the rating limits you set up, you can provide a supervisor password.

Ten guidelines for parents for safe use of the Internet

Tips supplied by: i-star internet inc.

Internet Softwares


The internet software listed below are not provided as an endorsement by the RCMP, but rather to acknowledge the many alternative Commercial Censoring softwares available on the Internet.  Parental surpervision and involvment are always the best source of control.

Kids Web

A small web browser which is configured entirely with children in mind. Kids Web provides basic features such as a start page which is separate from your main browser, and a nice interface which should keep your kids playing for hours. Kids Web loads to full screen, so your children can't accidentally load something they shouldn't from the start menu. A must for parents and children alike! NOTE: Kids Web is created using the TWebBrowser component, and therefore you MUST have Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.x installed on your system.

What's Kids Web? Well, besides being Today's Cool Tool, it's the first Web browser totally designed for kids. It hides the Status bar (no accidental program switchin'), its got links to some great kid Web sites built in, it's even got the bare minimum of buttons for little mousers to push. All in all, it's a great program for tykes with a yen to surf.

From the Cool Tool of the Day  Site

Commercial Censoring Software

Safe Surf

Tattle Tale


Cyber Patrol


Kidnet Explorer

Net Nanny

Net Shepherd



Rating Organizations

Volontary Content Rating

Recreational Software
Advisory Council on the Internet


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