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RCMP Products

Maintiens le droit........................Maintain the right


RCMP products are available from these Web sites:

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Mounted Police Foundation


The Mounted Police Foundation (MPF) has been established to assist the Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in administering the commercial use of the intellectual property which is the principal public identifier of the RCMP. The Foundation was incorporated in June of 1994. Its Board of Directors is comprised of prominent members of the community who are volunteering their time, energy and experience, in support of the RCMP and its community policing initiatives. As the Master Licensee for the RCMP, the MPF will receive, maintain and manage funds generated from the Licensing Programs. These funds will be directed to support and enhance RCMP community policing, public relations and crime prevention programs throughout Canada.

The Foundation will also assist the RCMP in ensuring stability in the quality of horses in the RCMP breeding program which supports the needs of the world famous Musical Ride.

The Foundation will hold public auctions to sell surplus horses from the breeding


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