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Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Trinity-Conception District

Maintiens le droit........................Maintain the right




Map of Canada

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Trinity-Conception District is located on the Avalon Peninsula on the east coast of Newfoundland. Approximately 100 km from the capital  of Newfoundland, St-John's. The 27 regular members are responsible for policing 60 communities for a total of approximately 65,000 peoples.

Map of Newfoundland

Satellite view of the district

Taken at the Earthrise site

Members of the district are responsible of enforcing Federal, Provincial laws and Municipal bylaws. The District is formed of 1 Staff/Sergeant, two Sergeants, four coporals and twenty regular constables. They are helped in their duties by three Detachment clerks and six auxiliaries Constables. Along with the regular duties of police officers, members of the district spend a lot of time working toward making the communities where they work a better place to live.


Tourism informations and Facts

Tourist Informations

Some Interesting Facts About Newfoundland??

  1. Did you know that moose are so plentiful in Newfoundland that they can occasionally be found wandering the streets of St. John's??
  2. Speaking of which, did you know that St. John's is the oldest city in North America?
  3. Not as old, however, as the Viking site in L'anse aux Meadows which had been settled by Norsemen a thousand years ago.
  4. Older still are the huge icebergs that drift along the coastline of Newfoundland in the spring and summer of the year...
  5. From many a beach or boat, you can also see the majestic whales frolicking among these icebergs...
  6. Even more common are the sea birds. Over 200 different species of sea birds make their homes in the forests and coastal regions of Newfoundland...
  7. Another native of Newfoundland is the Newfoundland dog. He's as big as a bear, has the heart of a lion, but is as gentle as a kitten. Did you also know that he has feet like a duck? (His toes are webbed!!)
  8. Newfoundland was discovered by John Cabot, a European, in 1497.
  9. Before Cabot and even before the Vikings, Newfoundland was home to the Beothuks who are now an extinct race.
  10. The Beothuks used to hunt caribou. Caribou are still plentiful on the south coast and interior of Newfoundland. They generally avoid the main streets of St.John's, however...

Live Radio

listen to online Newfoundland radio station

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St. John's, Newfoundland
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St. John's, Newfoundland

RA 3.0 / 20.0 Kbps
Web Site


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